Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? (Short Film):

“All eyes are on Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt as the deliciously over the top Matriarch who sparkles with disemboweling glee. Her facial expressions transform from American MOM to sadistic killer so quickly it is both alluring and horrific at the same time.” – Daniel White, Haddonfield Horror 

“I loved the play on ‘50s television and the scene chomping Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt. That girl does psycho well!” – Tracy Allen, Horror Geek Life

The Deliverance of Juliet and Her Romeo (Leroy Street Theatre):

“D’Alessandro Hatt’s performance as the third Lady Capulet (who is amalgamated with the Nurse) is truly exceptionally stunning. Her inner conflict is apparent on her face at every moment, so the character is at once supportive of Juliet as she chases her desires and deeply concerned for her. Watching a religious woman accept her homosexual child whole heartedly while still reconciling this newfound revelation with her faith (and the subsequent questioning of her fundamental beliefs) in the background of every scene was fascinating. By the end I was rooting for her to leave the cult and save herself because I truly believed that amount of change could have occurred.” – Jeremy Gardiner, Jeremy Thinks

Marion Bridge (Village Playhouse):

“Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt gives an outstanding performance as the fiery, strong-willed – and at times petulant – oldest sister Agnes, the “unconventional girl” in the family, struggling with alcohol and an acting career that’s going nowhere and leaving her broke.” – Cathy McKim, Life With More Cowbell

Live at the Apocalypse (Poor Alex Theatre):

“Michelle walked into the audition and I was immediately struck by her luminous beauty. When she read for the role, she clinched it. I couldn’t even consider another actress.”

Malerie Rose


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