April 2021

Michelle was featured this month on Scott Myers’ screenwriting blog, Go Into the Story, about her transition from playwriting to filmmaking through the creation of her film trilogy.

April 2019

Michelle’s directorial debut, Brave Little Army, has been an Official Selection of several film festivals in North America and Berlin and garnered a Special Jury Mention (Festival Courts d’un Soir).

For more news about the film and Black Lab Film Company:

June 2018

Friends on Facebook features Jenna Harder and Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt.

Friends on Facebook will screen as an official selection of the following film festivals this summer:

Oakville Festival of Film & Art, Oakville, ON – June 16th

Deepcut Film Festival, Kitchener, ON – July 14th

The Broad Humor Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA – Sept. 1st

May 2018

As Lisa Fuillerat in Forbidden: Dying for Love.

Last month saw the television premiere of Season 3, Episode 5 of Forbidden: Dying for Love, ‘The Sum of Love’. In this true story, Michelle plays Lisa Fuillerat, a Florida math teacher who finally finds true love and happiness, but her ex-husband has other plans.

April 2018

On set with Amanda Cheung. Photo Credit: Sarah Zanon

Michelle made her directorial debut in April, when her own short film, Brave Little Army, went to camera. Watch the official teaser trailer here.

March 2018

On the red carpet on opening night at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

Catch Michelle in Friends on Facebook as an official selection of the following upcoming film festivals:

Kingston Canadian Film Festival – Saturday, March 3rd

L.A. Indie Film Festival – Saturday, March 10th

Canadian Film Festival – Saturday, March 24th

Kansas City Film Festival – Saturday, April 14th

December 2017

As Clare Donovan (with Joanna Bassias) in Love Bonds.

Filming continues on Love Bonds this month at Digital Canaries Studios in Hamilton.

November 2017

As Clare Donovan in Love Bonds.

Michelle is in Hamilton and Niagara Falls this fall shooting the dramatic feature film, Love Bonds, in which she plays a choir singer on a journey of spiritual enlightenment.


October 2017

As Pia in Friends on Facebook.

Friends on Facebook, Chris Ross’ dramatic short film, in which Michelle plays the role of Pia, premieres October 19th at The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

September 2017

Michelle was on set this month shooting a dramatic TV series in which she portrays a woman who is stalked by her controlling ex-husband. Photo Credit: Shikher Kalyan

August 2017

As Kate Reid in Technically Love.

The sci-fi short film, Technically Love, in which Michelle plays a single mother who becomes romantically involved with an A.I., recently won awards for Best Short Screenplay (NAOS International Film Festival, Serbia) and Best Editing (TFS Film Festival, Toronto). Photo Credit: Angela Savinon

July 2017

In the booth at VMG Cinematic.

Michelle’s most recent voiceover credits include work for HBC, TD Bank and Cadillac (listen here).

June 2017

On June 2nd, Michelle had the good fortune to play 2 roles in staged readings of exciting new scripts at fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre’s Potluck Festival XIV at The Theatre Centre. First, she appeared as Leslie – a wealthy real estate agent and mother – in Ran Zhu’s thriller Rosedale, directed/dramaturged by Andy Cheng, and then she switched gears to play the enthusiastic leader of a religious virgin camp in Cynthia Hicks’ drama Apple, directed/dramaturged by Joanna Falcks.

May 2017

Tattersall Sound and Picture, Toronto

Friends on Facebook, a beautiful film directed by Chris Ross, in which Michelle plays Pia alongside Jenna Harder as Jill, is nearly complete. More news to come.

April 2017

The prankster family played by Malcolm Taylor, Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt, Robert Notman, Joanna Bassias and Cole White.

Michelle is currently appearing as the Mom in Laugh Your Head Off – a comedy prank video for Spin Master, directed by Scott McNeil.

March 2017

As Presidential Counselor Connie Barstow being interviewed by News Anchor Eva Parson (Mary-Elizabeth Willcott).

The trailer for Conversations for the End of the World went live this month. Check out this upcoming web series from The Mind Refinery on YouTube:

February 2017

On the green screen set with Mary-Elizabeth Willcott.

Earlier this month Michelle took on the topical role of Counselor to the President of the United States in a new digital drama series directed by Gordon Graham.

January 2017


As Pia (with Jenna Harder as Jill) in Friends on Facebook. Photo Credit: Christa Michelle

Michelle goes into the studio later this month for ADR on Chris Ross’ latest short film, Friends on Facebook, shot on location in Toronto last fall.

December 2016


As the Casting Director (with star Lipe Viana) in Standardized. Photo Credit: Michelle Soares

The finale of Season 2 of Lipe Viana’s award-winning comedy series Standardized, in which Michelle plays the less-than-impressed Casting Director, has been released. Now available on YouTube.

November 2016

As Officer Allie Smith in Web of Lies.

Michelle fulfilled her dream of playing a police officer this month when she took on the role of Officer Allie Smith in a dramatic television series.

October 2016



In the booth at Cherry Beach Studios.

Michelle is thrilled to be a regular in the recording studio of late, voicing campaigns for Cadillac, Hewlett-Packard, and Toys “R” Us. Listen to one of her latest spots (‘Looking for Something’) here.

September 2016


As a 1950s housewife-with-a-twist Martha Swanson in Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Photo Credit: Kyle Tait

The award-winning comedy horror short Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? is an official selection of the Toronto Independent Film Festival and Scare-a-Con, its 12th and 13th festivals to date. To be screened at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto on September 9th and at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY on October 2nd.

August 2016


The Orange Lounge

Michelle is proud to be the new voice of Cadillac in Canada. Listen for her on the latest spot ‘Don’t you Dare: XT5’.

July 2016

As America's favourite mom, Martha Swanson.

As America’s favourite mom, Martha Swanson, in Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Photo Credit: Kyle Tait

On July 7th, ReelHeART International Film Festival presents the award-winning short Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? alongside a curated selection of other food-themed films for their “Dinner & a Movie” fundraising event in support of SecondHarvest.

June 2016

Look for Michelle as an underwhelmed casting director in Season 2 of the comedy web series Standardized. To watch both seasons, subscribe to Photo Credit: Michelle Soares

May 2016


As Karen Hammel in Fear Thy Neighbor

Michelle plays a suburban mom who watches horror unfold on her street in Season 3, Episode 8 of Fear Thy Neighbor. U.S. premiere May 18th on Investigation Discovery.

April 2016


To read Michelle’s full interview with Sweden’s Monsterdiggare, click here.

March 2016

As Martha Swanson in Guess Who's Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

As Martha Swanson in Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? Photo Credit: Kyle Tait

The award-winning short comedy horror film, Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?, in which Michelle plays America’s favourite 1950s cannibal mom, is an official selection of the following upcoming film festivals:

Toronto Short Film Festival – March 14th  *Won BEST COMEDY SHORT*

Victoria TX Independent Film Festival – March 17th

Indie Horror Film Festival (Gatlinburg, TN) – April 16th

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival – April 16th

February 2016


Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt as Molly and Tim Myles as Sam in The Wake. Photo Credit: Angela Savinon

Michelle is Molly Stone, single mother of Sam, in the dark comedy, The Wake – a funeral-turned-outrageous-cocktail party. Shot on location in Toronto this month.

January 2016

As Kate Reid with Chandler Vold as son Jasper in Technically Love.

Michelle recently wrapped the sci-fi drama Technically Love, in which she takes on the role of a single mother who falls in love with an A.I. her son has built. Directed by Emily Varg.

December 2015


Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt as Mary with Andrew Pimento as The Boy in Halloween Jesus.

Early this month Michelle played a modern mother Mary in the short dramatic film, Halloween Jesus, directed by Tanner Sawatzky with casting by Marsha Chesley.

November 2015


Jaymee Fuczek, Felix Beauchamp & Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt on the red carpet at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.

Out of over 450 films submitted and the 10 official selections that were screened as part of YoungCuts Film Festival in Montreal on November 4th, Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? was nominated for BEST DIRECTION, BEST SOUND and BEST FILM. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for walking away with the BEST FILM AWARD! Next up: Hamilton Film Festival on November 6th, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival on November 11th and indiefilmTO Festival on December 7th.

October 2015


Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt as Gwen Branden in The Girl Without a Song.

The feature film The Girl Without a Song, in which Michelle plays the sweet and maternal Gwen, will have its world premiere at Filmi Toronto’s South Asian Film Festival on October 4th.

September 2015


Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt as Martha Swanson. Photo Credit: Kyle Tait

The short psychological horror film, Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? , is an official selection of the upcoming Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (October 8-10), the YoungCuts Film Festival in Montreal (November 4) the Hamilton Film Festival (November 2-8), and the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (November 6-12) Watch the trailer here…if you dare.

August 2015


As Sofia in Places.

In the sitcom pilot Places, Michelle plays Sofia, a leading lady who is replaced by a newer, younger model. Directed by Brett Heard. Shot this month on location in Guelph.

July 2015


As Claire, figuring out where she belongs, in TempTation.

Michelle wrapped the pilot episode of the sitcom TempTation this month. Directed by Brett Heard.

June 2015


Cherry Beach Studios

Michelle has been enjoying lots of time in the cool, dark atmosphere of the recording studio lately, working on commercials and web content. Recent clients include Swarovski, Keurig, and Market32.

May 2015


As temp worker Claire in TempTation, with actor/director Brett Heard.

Michelle is temp-in-training Claire on the set of TempTation – a sitcom pilot directed by Brett Heard, shooting in Guelph and Toronto this summer.

April 2015


Michelle is on location in Hamilton this month filming Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? – a cross between Leave it to Beaver and Texas Chainsaw Massacre – in which she plays the wonderful and terrifying Mother.

March 2015


Michelle as Maria in the feature film KARLA – a comedy about a womanizing executive who gets more than he bargains for when he hires a new personal assistant. Currently shooting in Toronto.

December 2014

Beach Boys copy

Michelle plays a New York City business exec who abandons her stressful day to trek to California in this Beach Boys music video released this month. Watch here on YouTube.

November 2014

Still from Girl Without a Song

Michelle is on set this month playing the role of Gwen Branden in The Girl Without a Song, a feature film about social anxiety, written and directed by Aveek Mansur.

October 2014

As Cogeco’s Allie.

Michelle is featured in the latest Cogeco campaign as Allie – an urban grocer who knows what she wants.

August 2013

Jat City 2 Dream City 3

Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt as Alka in Jat City 2 Dream City.

This month marked the completion of post-production for the indie Bollywood feature, Jat City 2 Dream City. Directed by Raj Singh Verma on location in Toronto and Mumbai, this zany comedy features Michelle as Alka, a Canadian whose less-than-perfect Hindi leads to comical misuderstandings with her Indian husband.


March 2013

Michelle D’Alessandro Hatt, with Tom Noonan, in Tom Works Nights.

Check out the trailer for Tom Works Nights, a short film starring Tom Noonan in which Michelle plays a figment of a lonely janitor’s imagination. Watch the trailer on Vimeo.

February 2013

Michelle as Katherine Middleton in the trailer for Arachno Sapiens

Michelle plays an ultrasound technician who discovers more than a kicking baby in the trailer shot this month for Ardent Pictures’ sci-fi film, Arachno Sapiens.

November 2012



As Jennifer Sanders in The Distance Between Us.

Michelle is concerned mother Jennifer Sanders in The Distance Between Us, a short dramatic film directed by Michael Siu, premiering this month at the Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival in Hong Kong.

July 2012

As April Sutton in ‘I Didn’t Do It’ (Discovery Channel)

Airing July 20th on Discovery Channel, see Michelle as April Sutton in episode 203 of I Didn’t Do It, narrated by Chris Noth.


October 2011

As Michelle in 4:45 The Meeting.

Cast in the role of the slightly trampy and dry witted office exec, Michelle had a great time this month shooting the comedy short, 4:45 The Meeting, written by the talented Clint Murphy.

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